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Hunky - Dory

Hunk - Baby!

Dory - Hey! What's happening?

Hunk - Missing you and listening you ... love the way you talk...your expressions....

Dory - Really? You can call me whenever you feel like, its okay...

Hunk - But I need to see you when you talk....

Dory - Oh!!!... And all this while I thought one hears & not sees when talks!

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Hunky - Dory

Dory - What are you doing Mr. Good Looking?

Hunk - Hey!

Dory - I am planning to get back to writing full time....

Hunk - That's wonderful my creative sweetheart....

Dory - My job is on hold.... until then I am taking up writing...its comes easy to me... like swimming!

Hunk - I don't know both...

Dory - Don't you worry... I will teach you both...

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Hunky - Dory

Hunk - Busy?...What's happening???....

Dory - Nothing much.... you woke early today?

Hunk - Yup.... am lazing in the bed.

Dory - Nothing like lazing around in the bed after just waking up... that's a luxury.

Hunk - Hahaha..... So I am basking in the laps of luxury right now....?

Dory - Oh yes you are !!!! And can I say I envy you??

Hunk - Hmmm... lazing ALONE in bed... is kinda boring...

Dory - Is it???

Hunk - Yes...

Dory -Okay... & if it's actually boring then what?????

Hunk - Change the recipe....add some spice...

Dory - Did u do it... changed the recipe & added some spice?

Hunk - I have my imaginations....keeping me company....

Dory - I like people with vivid imaginations...

Hunk - Makes one more creative....

Dory - Yes! It's like a chain reaction... you imagine... get creative...

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Man - I wish you could come with me to U.S next month.

Muse - Really???? Would you like it if I did?

Man - That would be awesome...we could have a lot of time together.

Man - Maybe we should plan a trip together

Muse - Yes, indeed we should.

Man - Thanks...agreeing to go with me...

Muse - Agreeing to go with with you is because I trust you.

Man - Alone, you & me.

Muse - Yes, alone, you & me. Makes you happy?

Man - Indeed yes.

Muse - Where would you want to go?

Man - Anywhere you take me...

Muse - Sure?

Man - Sure.

Muse - Alright then... don't tell me i didnt warn u earlier!

Man - I trust you.

Muse - I know you do.

Muse - What's between us?

Man - Good vibes

Good understanding

Freedom...to say what we want to say...to be open

Physical sexual intelluctual attraction

Muse - Yeah...right... that's a whole lot of things together....

Man - Need a smoke.

Muse- Need a smoke too...

Man - Good when we are together we will knowwhen we need a smoke...

Muse - Yes!

Man - It would be different for u ... being with some one old enough as old as ur mother...

Muse - & a bit younger than my dad...

Man - Yeah

Muse -At times you might find me unreasonable...

Man- I am used to that with some women.

Muse - Good for me...I don't have to worry much then...I can be myself.

Man - Be unreasonably silly

Be yourself

Be silly

Be unreasonable

Be naughty

Be romantic

Be erotic

Anything u desire

It should be our time of freedom

Muse - If you say so...I will be...

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Hunky - Dory

Hunk - Not sleepy?

Dory - I will... in a bit...had a long day...

Hunk - Okay...What plans for tomorrow?

Dory - You tell me...

Dory - Evening I am stuck...

Hunk - Oh...okay.

Hunk - Morning?

Dory - Morning I am free...5.30 a.m suits u fine?I plan to go for a walk then!

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