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The Goat and the Mermaid

Mermaid: You sound so formal!

Goat: Does whiskey make me un-formal?

Mermaid: Whiskey makes everyone good!

Goat: So you're good now?

Mermaid: I am always good...sensible...and whiskey makes me interesting! Haven't you realized that?

Goat: Now I get it...

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The Goat and the Mermaid

Mermaid : Give me a buzz when you're done!
Goat: Done with what?
Mermaid: Dinner,phone calls, emails and all the things you might be occupied with!
Goat: What things?
Mermaid: I said dinner,phone calls, emails ...
Goat: What did you say? Didn't hear!
Mermaid: Leave it... I didn't whisper anything....
Goat: Leave what?
Mermaid: Are you pulling my leg?
Goat: Leg or hair?
Mermaid: Which one do you prefer?
Goat: Soiled underwear.
Mermaid: That's not fair! It was about hair and leg...
Goat: Well then all three.
Mermaid: Like your thought.
Goat: What thought?
Mermaid: Leg,hair &soiled underwear.
Goat: Is that all?
Mermaid: Is that all? You tell me.
Mermaid: You're naughty!
Goat: Are you naughty?
Mermaid: Am I?
Goat: You tell me.
Mermaid: Tell you what?
Goat: I asked you already.
Goat: The pillow's smelling good.
Mermaid: You like it? That's my favourite!
Goat: What's your favourite?
Mermaid: Dune by Dior,I wore it yesterday.
Goat: You didn't tell me... are you naughty?
Mermaid: I don't know about the naughty bit, but right now I am insanely and wickedly turned on.
Goat: What are you going to do about it?
Mermaid: You tell me. It's you who's giving me this fuzzy feeling.
Goat: Me? Why?
Mermaid: I don't know.
Mermaid: I am sorry.
Mermaid: Are you angry?
Goat: Sorry for what? I am not angry. I am just as you are.
Goat: Do you want to have sex with me?
Mermaid: Would I sound sluttish if I said yes?

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Hunky - Dory

Hunk - Hi Beautiful!

Dory - Hey! Not sleepy? It's late...

Hunk - No... was thinking about you...Don't worry

Dory - No... not worried...

Hunk - You take good care of yourself....stay happy...

Hunk - You sleep now my baby! Loads of love, hugs & kisses...

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Hunky - Dory

Dory - .... & I guess this will be my last message... from my side... from now on I got to wait for you no??????
I really really like you a lot.... & it's been so so so wonderful knowing u personally...will wait to see u again....
& love u lots...
stay happy... be the way u are.... ur a very nice guy... hope & wish nothing bad happens to you....

Dory - Oh God! I am missing you more than you can ever know or you will ever guess...

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Hunky - Dory

Hunk - From tomorrow we won't b able to chat... or send texts...((( wil not take unnecessary risk... Will cal u whenever I can...let the communication stay one sided from me alone...hope you will understand...

Dory - I understand... you need not shout...and sound so angry...

Hunk - Hey! I am not angry.

Dory - I know...

Hunk - You're a sweetheart...

Dory - Will you forget me?

Hunk - Never ever...

Dory - hhhmmm...listen... I respect you & your feelings... just keeping saying things randomly...never want u to be in any trouble....

Hunk - You have no idea how much you mean to me...

Dory - Oh my baby!

Hunk - You are such a sweetheart...

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